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When I was a child I had a love of movies. Growing up with the films of the 80's inspired me to peruse a career in film production.
In 1997 I left College with a Degree in Media Production Management. Soon after I worked on a number of films.
I started at the beginning as a runner, and then I went on to Video assist. This involved playing back the takes to the film director. After that I moved to assistant camera operator and then camera operator.
In January 1997, one of my friends was due to be married, but his videographer was involved in an accident, which meant there was no one to film the day. 
With my camera & editing experience I was able to capture the special moments of this day. 
It created the pathway for me to continue in this career.

Together with my film work and the filming of different events, I was given a fantastic insight on how to produce my work to the highest standard. 

Due to the phenomenal response from all the people I had filmed for, I was greatly encouraged by their praise of my filming and the quality of my work.
By word of mouth my work load increased substantially and people would call me back to film their families and friends events.
With this knowledge I set up A P Productions, offering the public a new and affordable way of capturing their special day. 
Thanks to Sony cameras and Apple Mac computers, there really is no limit to what I am able to achieve.
My aim is to capture your special day, thus saving those special memories for both you and future generations to treasure.

I will be happy to discuss any ideas or preferences that you may have.
Please contact me or email me, I will be happy to meet with you beforehand and make arrangements with you regarding the filming of your special day.

Alex Perdios.

e specialise in professional filming of a wide range of events including: -

  • Weddings
  • Christenings
  • Engagement parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • School events
  • Sport events
  • Business promotional videos
  • Legal and insurance

All our productions are excellent digital quality, edited to your specifications and with your choice of music. Our DVD productions include an animated interactive menu,  produced using the latest Sony digital cameras and Apple Mac editing software.

We can supply you with a free demonstration DVD so that you can experience the quality of our work.

For the best quality at competitive prices please give us a call so we can discuss your requirements.



DVD Transfer

A P Productions can transfer home videos and camcorder tapes to DVD.
We can also convert pictures to the modern DVD format.

You now have a choice, view your existing photo album or watch your photos on TV with music and titles.

For more information please give us a call.